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Words matter

Every business needs writing. From an introduction to an invoice, from a presentation to a pitch, from your email to your online presence, writing is at the heart of your public image.

Words that are properly chosen and presented encourage people to take your business more seriously. So get advice from an expert.

Copy writing

I can draft copy for you, whether technical, promotional or educational, whether for print or the web.

Copy editing

Just need to cut the fat from your own words? Not a problem. Added polish is free.


Writing is about more than good grammar. Everybody develops bad writing habits - yes, even me. My short and sharp awareness courses can help you spot them – and eliminate them. Custom courses can help you improve almost any type of writing, from technical texts to website copy.
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Extremely reasonable rates for SMEs.

About me

You can browse a few portfolio items here. Sadly I rarely have time to do updates.

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I set up and contribute to the If Shakespeare... blog, part of Verulam Writers' Circle, the writers' group I chair. These people rock.