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Writing samples



The myth of property cycles

My first published piece, so naturally I am inordinately fond of it.

Organised Chaos

Probably my favourite piece of my own work, setting out to make a complex subject accessible. See if you can spot the little sleight of hand tucked away in there…

When sleep doesn't come…

Previously unpublished, an article I wrote about what it feels like to be made redundant - it didn't come out quite as I expected, though.

Football in crisis

Article about the crisis facing football at the end of the 2002-2003 season.

Where did it all go wrong?

Highly personal view of how and why the firm I used to work for failed (it got swallowed by a rival and, when written, only about four, out of 50 or so, people I worked with were still there). With hindsight, perhaps I was a bit soft on some people.

For two hours…

…on a Saturday afternoon, nothing else matters. I was asked to write a feature explaining the rationale for the redevelopment of the Boleyn Ground. Got to interview the chairman. He said Rio wasn't going to be sold. So much for dreams.

Sex and the girl upstairs

Commentary on the state of the brand spanking new flat that I lived in on the Isle of Dogs.

Finance directors

Article on what makes a good finance director, written for the Foreward supplement to Director Magazine (sponsored by Grant Thronton).

BCO conference round-up

Write up of four session from the British Council for Offices annual conference, 2000. For Office magazine, the BCO journal. Quite impressive considering I wasn't actually there.