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Julie Mayhew

Actress, playwright, journalist, and the most naturally gifted writer I have met. He debut novel Red Ink is awesome. Buy it

Jonathan Pinnock

Yet another stunningly gi...OK you get the idea. There's not much JP doesn't know about competitive short story writing. Check out this and this

Dave Weaver

Having said that, Dave's not exactly a slouch when it comes to fine short fiction. Get Jacey's Kingdom, Ha, Bloody Ha and Girl In A Shoebox

Skeptical science

One of the most valuable sites on the web, debunking climate change denialism for the benefit of us all.

You know that person...

...who is always there for you? Who you trust implicity? This is a blog of what happened when her husband picked up his Nobel Prize. Seriously. How cool is that? Obama doesn't come out too well.

The grumpy Welsh git

David Lawson: he's grumpy, he's Welsh, he's a git. He's also a brilliant old-school hack who could teach those kids a thing or two if only they would listen. Refuses to set up the Grumpy Welsh Git blog, more's the pity. It would have a cult following.

i can has cheezburger

When you've had a crappy day, a guaranteed pick-me-up.